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Gallery OnDaLine


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Imagine a photography gallery that lets the photographer keep the gallery open and staffed all the time, yet still gives the photographer the time to capture more memories and images, bringing them back to add to the collection...

Imagine a photography gallery that has unlimited display space and allows for a constantly changing, constantly updated inventory of images...

Imagine a photography gallery that can eclectically mix display art with glimpses of life in the community to which it belongs...

That's what I imagined, and this is the result, Gallery OnDaLine.

I'm Bill Fink, and I'm the proprietor of Gallery OnDaLine. During my 34 year career with the National Park Service, I had the chance to live and work at national park units in Maryland, Arizona, Hawaii, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and finally Michigan. My NPS travels took me to 46 states. Yet here, in this magical place called the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is where I have chosen to make my home. No, I'm not a Yooper by birth, but I am indeed a Yooper by Choice!

Please peruse and enjoy my photo offerings. Check back frequently for new galleries and new additions to existing galleries.

To support non-profit groups and organizations in our community I will photograph your event for a modest fee, place a selection of event photos on-line here, and share 20% of proceeds from the print sales with the organization. The more people with that organization or group buy through this site, the more money the organization makes. Downloading will be restricted of course.

Sisu, eh?

With this brief introduction to Gallery OnDaLine, please proceed into the Grand Foyer of the Main Gallery. Once you are in the Grand Foyer, feel free to explore all of the nooks and crannies of the many display galleries here at Gallery OnDaLine.

Ring the service bell at the front desk if you need me.

My phone number is 906-370-9597.

Contact me via e-mail at

Find out more about me and the parent company of Gallery OnDaLine, Bill Fink Communications, LLC by following
this link. Enjoy your time visiting Gallery OnDaLine, eh?